The Senate Education Appropriations Committee finished its budget actions today, rolling out the proviso, implementing and conforming bill specifics. The attached packet provides the details. The single page FEFP summary is also included and is the same as what I distributed yesterday.

Both House and Senate Appropriations Committees have set next Wednesday, April 5th, for committee amendment, debate and vote. What is approved then goes to the respective floors on the 12-13th, a week shortened in observance of Passover and Good Friday. after that, assuming the full chambers approve their versions, we will be in “conference” with a joint House-Senate committee appointed to work out the differences and have an agreed to budget online (“on the desk” is the technical phrase) by May 2nd in order to adjourn on time May 5th.

Bills continued to flow today. The outline of actions is below. Tomorrow, House Education meets on several bills including the Proposed Committee Bill (PCB) that I distributed last night that establishes “schools of success.”

(H) – Government Accountability Committee
HB 0493 Enhanced Safety for School Crossings (Toledo) – passed 21-0
(H) – Public Integrity & Ethics Committee
HB 0953 Legislative/Congressional Redistricting (Ahern) – process for approval and appeals, passed 14-3
(H) – Appropriations Committee
HB 7069 Best and Brightest Teachers and Principals (Education Committee) – passed 18-8, amended
HB 7083 Ethics Reform (Public Integrity & Ethics Committee) state offices, higher education – passed 24-0
HB 0039 Autism Awareness Training for Law Enforcement officers (Jenne) – rolled to third reading/final vote
HB 0001 Judicial Term Limits (Sullivan) – 12 years – passed 73-46 (72 needed for approval)
HB 7021 Local Government Ethics Reform (Public Integrity & Ethics Committee) – affects school districts (bill and analysis are attached–legal and Board policy staff need to review for impact) – rolled to third reading/final vote from House
HB 7023 Trust Funds/Creation/Local Government L (Public Integrity & Ethics Committee) – rolled to third reading
HB 0479 Government Accountability (Metz) – sets auditing requirements/procedures – legal and Board policy staff need to review (bill attached)
HB 0011 Labor Organizations (Plakon) – requires election of union falls below 50% membership – rolled to third reading/final House vote
SB 0080 Public Records (Steube) – amended, passed 38-0 (intent to stop or slow frivolous lawsuits)