Anyone who wishes to express their views on HB7069 still has time to do so. The district has a “call to action” out on this bill. Any emailing should be from personal emails outside of work hours.

Click the following link to provide your input:

District Call to Action on HB7069

We are asking the community to contact Governor Rick Scott and urge him to veto the state’s budget and HB 7069. Please feel free to use the following suggested language:

My name is [insert name] from [insert city], Florida. I am urging Gov. Scott to veto HB 7069 and the budget. Decisions about public education and budgets need to be made in the sunshine, with public input. That didn’t happen here, and that’s wrong. The Governor needs to take a stand for transparency.

Governor Scott’s phone number is (850) 488-7146 and his email address is