Welcome to the Palm Beach County School District Staff Association’s website! We are glad you are here.

As the current President, I am proud to be leading the Association this year and look forward to your participation. We are a group of collegial professionals that work in a variety of job categories across the District. We are united in our support for the District and student achievement.

We continue to look forward to representing our members interest by supporting our District’s strategic plan as it addresses the objectives of Talent Development and a High Performance Culture. Within each topic are objectives that deal with advancement pathways for all employees and establishing recognition and differentiated compensation systems.

Finally, we will continue our scholarship program for high school seniors and have awarded $11,000 over the last two years. We will also be promoting more professional events this year to encourage more networking opportunities for our members. 

We are looking forward to a great year! I hope you will join us.

PJ D’Aoust