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General Membership Meeting – May 7, 2018 – FHESC Boardroom
General Membership Meeting Flyer - May 7, 2018

General Membership Meeting

October 16, 2017

Attendance – Approximately 45

Speakers – Dr. Avossa, Mike Burke, Dianne Howard, PJ D’Aoust and Pat Kaupe

Superintendent’s Update – Dr. Avossa, Superintendent

  • Avossa spoke about the importance of equity, empowerment to promote a positive outcome. He reviewed the Strategic 5 Year Plan and the importance of the reorganization to provide better support. We are leading with data and to support this he reviewed a Principal Dashboard.
  • 30 schools improved their letter grades this year. Graduation rates have increased and 1/3rd of the Palm Beach County School were designated as Schools of Excellence and he thanked the membership for the support they provide to the schools to achieve these successes.
  • The floor was opened for questions
    • It was noted that Science data was not shown on the Principal Dashboard.
      • Avossa explained that it was on the 2nd page and it is part of the data used to determine support.
    • A member expressed her gratitude to Dr. Avossa for allowing District staff to have 2 days to prepare for the Hurricane and for providing our paychecks in advance of the storm.

Budget Update – Mike Burke, Chief Financial Officer – Staff Assoc Pres_10_16_17

  • Burke spoke briefly about the District lawsuit filed against HB7069 which would take funds from public schools for charters and the impact it would have.
  • The State Board of Education approved their Budget with a 2.74% increase, but this will need to be approved by the legislature. It is expected that the hurricane recovery will affect the budget this year.
  • Burke is paying close attention Florida Constitutional Review Committee will meet this year and determine anything that will be added to the 2018 Ballot.
  • 2018 regular Legislative session early this year on January 9th because it is an election year.
  • Burke noted that our Association members have received a 3% increase in pay the last two years, but did not speak as to an exact increase percentage for this year.
  • The floor was opened for questions:
    • It was asked if we have a projected number of Hurricane Irma students we may receive.
      • No specific number but as of October 16th we have received approximately 180 students.

Benefit Update – Dianne Howard, Director, Risk and Benefits

  • Howard said that in 2018-2019 there would be No Increase in Health Insurance Premiums, but co-pay changes. We should however expect increase for 2019-2020 to High Option HMO. There will be a decrease in deductible for Customer Driven Health Plan to $3,000. She encouraged more Members to consider this plan and an option.
  • There will be no increase to Dental, Vision, Life and Short Term Disability. There will be an increase to Long Term Disability.
  • In 2018-2019 Walgreens will no longer be on prescription plan.
  • The Flexible Spending Plan limit is increasing.
  • Open Enrollment is November 1-17, 2017
  • She encouraged all members to participate in the Wellness Program to save $600.

Association Update – PJ D’Aoust, President

  • D’Aoust shared with the members that he has requested an opportunity to have input into 2 areas of the Strategic: Talent Development and High Performance Culture. It is important that we have in an input into these areas.
  • The Staff Association will be offering scholarship opportunities to the graduating senior children of members who have one year of membership with the Association. More information will follow in the next few months.

Legislative Update – Provided by Vern Pickup-Crawford; available on the Staff Association website.

Consultant Update – Pat Kaupe, Consultant

  • Pat Kaupe explained that she is available to all members for provide assistance for a variety of issues relating to their employment and compensation.
  • It was explained that the Staff Association is not a union but a meet and confer organization that handles negotiation of salary and benefits for the NBU employees of the District.
  • She notified members that effective this year, Administrative Assistants (Confidential) are eligible for the Clinic Designee and Records Custodian stipends that were previously only available to AESOP employees. She is still working on the Bereavement Leave.
  • She reminded everyone that for the past two years we have received a 3% raise each year. Last year’s raises where determined before CTA which was previously never done. She is working with Mr. Burke on this year’s raises and hopefully will be able to share with the membership soon.


The meeting was adjoined at 6:00 pm.

Next meeting: Monday, October 16, 2017 5:00pm – 7pm – Location: FHESC-Board Room

General Membership Meeting Flyer

To review the updates provided at the General Membership Meeting on October 17, 2016, click the link below.




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